Laura’s Salon participates in many events such as Locks of Love

& our annual Show You Care With Pink Hair fundraiser!

Show You Care With Pink Hair is our annual fundraiser benefiting Local Families Fighting Cancer. Our focus is Childhood Cancer where we hope to raise awareness and help Local Families Fighting this dreaded disease. September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Please join us in the Salon this September or Visit us at the Bordentown RiverFest annual Event. Sadly we all know someone who has fought the fight and needed a helping hand during their battle, so please lend your support.

Childhood Cancer is diagnosed in 1 out of 285  children in the United States annually. The average age at diagnosis is just 8 years old and leads to a life time of side effects from the harsh treatments they endure. Every member of the family is affected emotionally and the financial hardship is often to much to bare. The average cost of 1 hospital stay is $40,000 with insurance not covering all procedures. Sadly Federal Funding for Childhood Cancer is the lowest at only 4% of all cancer funding.

For a $10 Donation we offer Colored Hair Extensions, each representing different cancers so you can “Proudly Show You Care” in support of someone you know!

100% of all donations will benefit a local Chesterfield Family fighting Childhood Leukemia helping them ease any financial burdens while fighting this dreaded disease.

We humbly started 9 years ago in support of a local teacher shortly after losing our Father to Pancreatic cancer. With the Generosity of our Local Community the event has grown year over year. With the support of our Laura’s Salon Family, Friends and partners at Hope Hose Humane Fire Co Bordentown Riverfest Event we hope to exceed our ambtious goal of doubling last years total.

Come join the fun and Proudly Show You Care With Pink Hair in support our local neighbors!